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Our Services

DOLPH is made for carry blood samples, test kits, vaccines, medicasions. 

We are working on instant delivery solutions for postal services

DOLPH carry any goods up to 4 kg

DOLPH fly up to 120 km


New Era in Transportation

  • Efficient maneuverability

  • Ability to hover steadily

  • Capability to take off and land in heavy wind

  • Minimal horizontal space required to launch a VTOL don’t need any runway or a large open space

  • VTOL can fly faster and longer like fixed wing also hover and takeoff and land like multirotor.


  • Fully autonomous mission

  • Zero emission

  • Up to 120 km flight Range

  • Up to 4 kg payload capacity

  • Tilt Rotor aircraft (Most efficient way)

  • Only one operator can control up to 10 BBA eVTOL

  • 25 m/s cruise Speed

  • Only need 2 meter square take-off and land area

  • 4 redundant communication protocol

  • AI assisted (Image Processes) take-off and landing

  • Real-time visibility


We are looking for innovative talent to join our team. Look for available positions and submit your CV.

R&D Engineer

İstanbul, Dudullu

We are looking for an R&D engineer to work in our company that produces VTOL unmanned aerial vehicles.

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