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  • Thanks to the internet connection of BBA DOLPH every pre-flight DOLPH controls the temperature, wind, and all the other weather conditions for a safe flight and sends warning messages to the ground control station.


  •  DOLPH checks every control surfaces before flight


  • Automated battery level check before every flight also continue to check in-flight monitoring


  • Core temperature check

  • Four redundant communication



  • With a Iridium satellite and 4G/LTE communication data packages can send in desired intervals to the authorities and ground control stations.

  • Thanks to lidars and cameras collision avoidance system working proper with a optical awareness, integrated AI control the risk foresight for sudden maneuverability


  • Dolphy always saves the proper percentage of the batteries for emergency situations


  • With the help of a lidar and image processing BBA DOLPH can land safely with a QR or ARUCO detection.


1.7 m

DOLPH only need 2 meter square to take-off and land.

1.1 m

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